"His Women"

About Women's Ministries

The unique name of "His Women" was created from our desire to see women come to a place of being truly "His" - a place of wholeness in Jesus Christ. A place where His abundant life not only ministers to us, but also through us as we grow in His grace and knowledge. Our commission is the same as that of our church: to reach, teach and send; whether right next door or around the world. Our Father is faithfully calling us to serve. We must be equipped and anointed for the work.

Mondays, 7 PM

Help For Hurting Women

This is a place for women who feel helpless, hopeless, or hurting or women who have a heart for those who are hurting. God has a plan for comfort, hope and wholeness, but that often seems unattainable even to women who have been Christians for a long time. Come join us as God pours out His love extravagantly to heal broken hearts. Free child care is available up to age 12 in Noah's Nursery. Help For Hurting Women meets on Mondays at 7 PM in Colonial Chapel.

Thursdays, 9:15 AM

Living from the Life of Christ

Taught by Pastor Connie Weisel, this dynamic, life-changing Bible study, written by Sally M. Hill, is the heart of His Women's teachings. Through the simple principles contained in the Bible study, you will firmly grasp who Christ is in you. Living from the Life of Christ is now being taught worldwide. If you haven't attended this class before or it's been a while, don't miss it! Child care is available through the Mom's Day Out program. Call (239) 936-6277 x363 for reservations.

Studies with Pastor Connie Weisel

Join us on Mondays at 7 PM and Thursdays at 9:15 AM for powerful and in-depth teachings on Facebook, our YouTube channel, or on Vimeo.

Bountiful Blessings of God: Forget Not (Part 1)

Because He Lives: I Have Strength! (6)

Living From The Life of Christ: A Glorious Exchange

Because He Lives: The Living Rock (5)

Living From The Life of Christ: Life Out of Death

Because He Lives: Broken By Unbelief (4)

Living From The Life of Christ: It's A Great Day to Die!

Living From The Life of Christ: Principle 1, You Are Dead!

Because He Lives: Uncontainable Love (3)

Living From The Life of Christ: Life Out of Death - The Conflict

Living From The Life of Christ: His Spirit In Us

Because He Lives: In Her Memory (2)

Living From The Life of Christ: Your Spirit Alive With Christ!

Because He Lives: We Also Live! (1)

Living From The Life of Christ: Sanctified Emotions

In Times of Trouble: Commune with Him (6)

In Times of Trouble: Hidden In Him (5)

In Times of Trouble: Helped, Delivered and Saved (4)

Living From The Life of Christ: Choose Life, Every Day in Every Way

In Times of Trouble: Be Still & Wait Patiently (3)

Get Involved

We invite you to join us for one of our weekly Bible studies, services, retreats, mission trips and other events! Here are just some of the many ministry opportunities you can be a part of with Women's Ministries.

"Walls of Our Heart" Bible Study

Written by Pastor Connie Weisel, the Walls of Our Heart book is a transcription of a teaching by the same name. It teaches us how to recognize the walls we have built around ourselves to protect us from the pain of hurts, and then shows us how to use God's word to tear down those walls so He can reach through to heal us. This teaching has changed thousands of lives, and we want you to have it! View, save or print a free copy here: Walls of Our Heart.

Television Ministry

The Monday night "Help for Hurting Women" Bible study is also televised on WRXY, Fort Myers on Mondays at 2:30 AM and Wednesdays at 10 AM. Check with your local cable company for your channel; in Fort Myers the local cable channel is 10. On Dish Network and DirecTV the channel is 49. Our prayer phone line, (239) 936-6277, is open during Wednesday and Thursday TV programs.

Moms At War

Women gather every week in Sherrick Hall to pray for our children and grandchildren. If you would like us to pray for your children or grandchildren, please use the ONLINE CONTACT FORM to send us your request. Include the name, age and anything specific you are requesting prayers for. Your prayer requests are confidential.

Intercessory Prayer Team

The Intercessory Prayer Team meets in the Eagle's Nest Conference Room to intercede in prayer on behalf of our church family, our government, missionaries, and the world. We also pray for special needs, including healing, finances, and specific prayers for our women and their families. This is a powerful time in the presence of the Lord. Use our ONLINE CONTACT FORM to send us your prayer request. Your prayer requests are confidential.

Media Ministry Team

Women's Ministry Media is directed by Dot Rideout. Her team of volunteers assists in mailing out hundreds of audio and video media items around the globe each month. We keep the prices of our media at cost, to cover producing and duplication only. Pastor Connie believes strongly that these teachings are God's and this ministry is one of sharing, not a profit-making venture. All monies that are donated or collected for media are passed on to reproduce and mail media to those who can't afford to purchase.

Annual Women's Retreat

Our annual Women's Retreat is held each year at the Sundial Beach Resort & Spa on Sanibel Island, Florida. This weekend includes powerful sessions of praise and worship, ministry in the word and so much more. Please call (239) 936-6277 x220 for details.

HFHW Ministry Team

Nancy Smith leads this team of committed women who serve those who attend the Help for Hurting Women Bible study. Motivated by 2 Corinthians 1: 3-5, they have a heart to see women set free by sharing the same comfort they received from the Lord. They share the love of Christ with their smiles, hugs, experiences and knowledge of the word of God.

HFHW Phone Ministry

Led by Ginny Schippel, this team of anointed women answers phones during the airing of the "Help For Hurting Women" television program. They pray with people in need, lend a caring ear, speak words of encouragement and share their biblical knowledge to help with whatever the caller shares. In many cases they lead callers to the Lord or pray with them to recommit their lives to Him!

Learn more about First Assembly Women's Ministries at famfmwm.com
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